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We thank you for taking out the time to visit our website. We realize our chosen profession is not a common one; nor is our place of business a favorite to visit, so we hope what you find within is helpful to your needs. Once again, we thank you for paying us a visit.

This website is provided as a service to you, to help you gather information and learn more about the subjects we address here. The conventional rituals of traditional funeral services are bring acceptance, closure and healing from when a loved one is lost. Families turn to the funeral home to help them plan these important rituals because they find comfort in services we provide, and confidence in our ability to take care of the details properly and completely in their time of bereavement.

When you choose traditional burial, there are decisions that speak to family tradition. These may include a memorial service, family gathering, services at the gravesite, and many others. We enhance your service by personalizing the funeral. We look for ways to recall old memories, create comfortable new ones, and make the tribute meaningful. Our services help your family's healing process to begin. As we listen carefully to your thoughts and desires, and we operate according to your budget. We define and assist your selection from the many forms of tribute or memorial according to the funeral traditions you embrace. We welcome your questions and inquiries at any time. The Funeral Service has three rites: the Visitation, the Service, and the Interment. Each rite is separate and distinct. However, together they create a powerful and necessary means of expression.

Please feel free to explore, and certainly to contact us with any questions you may have. We are here to help.