Our Story

Our business would not be a reality without the people who have kept the dream of Cusack Mortuary alive throughout the years. Learn more about the people whose dedication is at the heart of what we do.. 





Our Principals



 James and Brenda Cusack     Charles Allen and Karen Cusack
 Father and Son. Then and Now.    and Our Spouses, Brenda and Karen





Our Forbearers


A Tribute to Honor Our Forebearers



Reverend Dr. Arthur James Mack
August 26, 1911 - February 14, 2007


Mr. Charles Allen Cusack Jr.
December 21, 1941 - November 13, 2009


Mrs. Edna Mae Hall Mack
August 29, 1904 - January 29, 1988



Mr. Charles Allen Cusack, Sr.
July 12, 1917 - October 2, 1977


Mrs. Ruth Evelyn Cusack
February 6, 1918 - December 22, 1975